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The bravery to stand out from the crowd as well as musical acumen are attributes that aren’t often found in modern-day music. Shayan Ali who goes by the moniker of ZINGA is the embodiment of Music’s ever-evolving facets. The singer/songwriter who doesn’t confine himself to any one genre was born in Bangladesh and raised in Dhaka. ZINGA is already making waves and establishing himself as an authentic voice and the next worldwide phenomenon. 
The moniker of ZINGA is derived from the Spanish word “Zingaro” which means Gypsy and meant to reflect the nomadic ways of the gypsies. The band label was started by Shayan’s father Shafaat Ali, a pioneer of pop music in Bangladesh. Shayan moved to Chicago in his early teens and studied Electrical Engineering at Iowa State University. Little did ZINGA know that this fortuitous crossing of paths with music would be the beginning of a great musical journey. With His hand on his heart, ZINGA is driven by his never-give-up attitude and unmatched work ethic to continuously kick the bar up higher and create variations that are immersed in diversity. ZINGA continues to push the envelope on the realms of possibility and make music that is meaningful and real but still bangs right to the core of our soul. 
ZINGA’s identity is encapsulated by the theme that music has no limits or boundaries. Zinga dabbles in creations that fuse genres such as POP, Latin, Dance, ROCK, and Ballad. ZINGA is the answer to the question that music hasn’t asked yet, and the missing piece to music’s never-ending puzzle.

“If you are a fan of passionate rock music, you will love “Fate.” The song is powered by an instrumental that is jam-packed with hard-hitting drums, electrifying guitar-play, and boatloads of bass. As for ZINGA, he blesses us with a vocal performance that will put chills down your spine and lyrics that will remind you that deteriorating relationships can always make a turn for the better if the effort is put into patching things up.”” - Quincy

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Listen to "Fate" here

Listen to "Fate" here

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