Zinga Takes A New Look At ‘Casablanca’” - Bob Smith

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“Can’t You See” proves that ZINGA can rival or even best nearly any of their underground contemporaries, when it comes to all-embracing crossover rhythms and melodies in the pop, dance and Latino markets.” - Independent Music News 24

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blog - zinga's new single "can't you see"

“If you are a fan of passionate rock music, you will love “Fate.” The song is powered by an instrumental that is jam-packed with hard-hitting drums, electrifying guitar-play, and boatloads of bass. As for ZINGA, he blesses us with a vocal performance that will put chills down your spine and lyrics that will remind you that deteriorating relationships can always make a turn for the better if the effort is put into patching things up.”” - Quincy

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The bravery to stand out from the crowd as well as musical acumen are attributes that aren’t often found in modern-day music. ZINGA (Shayan Ali) creates music with no limits or boundaries while extending his father’s legacy into the 21st century. His songs feature rock themes, pop, Latin dance fusion , seamlessly blending different styles into cohesive story. Born to a father who founded ZINGA, Bangladesh’s first pop band, in the 1960s, Ali grew up in the spotlight. He traveled with his father’s band, performed on national television starting at age 6, and began his music production career at age 14. While on the road, Ali began honing his craft, learning keyboard and acoustic guitar, laying a strong foundation for the journey to come. He moved to the United States in his late teens to study engineering, but couldn’t deny his passion for music. ZINGA dove headfirst into music by bringing his father’s music to the global stage in 2018. Inspired by artists like Sixx AM, 3 Doors Down, Sia, Enrique Iglesias, and, ZINGA takes pride in allowing creativity to flow through his songs. He doesn’t confine his thinking to 1 genre. Instead, he reflects on his experience in Western and Eastern cultures and weaves a unique story. The name ZINGA is derived from the Spanish work “Zingaro,” gypsy. The moniker is a reflection of gypsies’ nomadic tendencies and influences ZINGA’s free-spirited process to generate undeniably catchy hooks. ZINGA’s music often features a strong melody layered with complex accompaniment, producing an eclectic blend, celebrating diversity and culture through music., and Ballad. ZINGA is the answer to the question that music hasn’t asked yet, and the missing piece to music’s never-ending puzzle.

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