Tomari Jibone (BANGLA) - Download sample exclusively here ! Releasing in Spring 2021 with full album REBOOT.
Remake of the classic hit of the band Zinga Goshty from 1968 -The original song was published by EMI label company former East Pakistan( now Bangladesh) and more than 5 million copies sold in Bangladesh during the 60s and 70s. This song was remade with collaboration with famous Jazz artis Arturas Novikas and his band Jazz Island from Vilnius Lithuania.
The music video was filmed in Vilnius Lithuania in the setting of 1969. The music video "Tomari Jibone" will be released via Ditto in VEVO the song is not in English but has a catchy tune and appeal which I think can attract people . It has as an interesting vibe( shot in the 60s setting in Europe-Vilnius Lithuania) especially with the music video I have added the link- I would really like to feature this as well looking forward to hear your ideas. The song can also do well in Lithuania as one of the prominent Jazz band of the country collaborated with me and we filmed it in Lithuania.

Private link to video to be released via Ditto in VEVO

Trailer :